How to Buy

How to Buy

Vacuum Orna Metal is a manufacturer and distributor of over 350 floral products all Made in the USA. Our customer’s base includes: wholesale floral distributors, mass market retail chains, grocery chains, growers, floral fulfillment centers, garden centers and specialty manufacturers.

If your business is one of these types and you would like to become one of our customers please go to Log In and then click the Create a New Account tab. Please fill in the required information and hit the Create New Account Button. Vacuum Orna Metal will contact you within 1-2 business days, for additional information to approve your account.

For a list of our wholesale distributors please call our toll free number (800)-827-6762

If your business is home based and are interested in purchasing Vacuum Orna Metal floral products we have the following internet based distributors:

Specialty Distributor: