Vacuum Metalizing


Vacuum Metalizing, Plastic Plating, Plastic Chrome, Chrome Plating, Physical Vapor Deposition, PVD, Reflective Coatings and Thin Film Coatings are some of the terms that are used to describe our process.

Vacuum Metalizing and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) are the most accurate terms that produce bright chrome finish on the substrate or part.

The coating method involves purely physical processes such as high temperature vacuum evaporation.

The first surface vacuum metalizing process usually consists of 3 layers of material:

  1. Base Coat:  Provides a fresh glossy surface for the evaporated metal to adhere to.
  2. Evaporation in a vacuum of high purity grade aluminum metal that condenses on the part and produces uniform bright chrome like surface.
  3. Top Coat: Provides protection for the base coat and metalized layer.

The Base and Top Coat’s are very important as they provide adhesion and protection from scratching, marring, oxidation of the aluminum and degradation from ultra violet light.

Vacuum Orna Metal uses base and top coats that are automotive quality coatings.

The second surface vacuum metalizing process involves depositing the evaporated metal on a clear substrate (glass or clear plastic) and back coating the metal with an opaque paint.  This process has been used to decorate automotive emblems for exterior applications.

Vacuum Metalizing can provide:

  1. Highly reflective chrome like surface.
  2. Low cost when compared to other plating methods.
  3. Will not bury the detail in the part, but will show imperfections such as scratches and nicks.
  4. Can be tinted for various colors: Gold, Brass, Copper, Red, Blue, Green and Black Chrome.
  5. RF Shielding

Vacuum Metalizing can be applied to: Plastics, Metals, Glass, Urethanes, Fiberglass, Ceramic, SLA’s, Paper products and many other materials.

Products such as: Headlamp and Tail Lamp Reflectors, Automotive and Motorcycle trim, Hardware, Lamp Reflectors, Advertising Display Items, Emblems, Trophies, Packaging films, Toys, Fishing Lures and novelty items are some of the many products that are Vacuum Metalized.